miercuri, 29 octombrie 2014


What would they say now
What would they do then
If they read your mind
And saw all the sins
What you are craving
The mind unleashed
Wanting just pleasures
The mischievous magic
That is done around us
The one they call life
In ancient human history.

They forget how to live
Surrendering to darkness
Of the edge of common
The most simple way
Of leading their existence
The dull, the narrowed one
Where they forget to dream
To open their inner eyes
The erase the darkened soul
That could turn bright white
With all that's true and nice.

duminică, 26 octombrie 2014


Foot steps that make you tremor
Disturb the perfect moments
Of combining words and moods
Into lanes of the life's harbor

The loop

The hours are passing through the window of time
Like rain drops falling on the small brick houses
On the flowers and grass which are mesmerizing
With their scent of the new life that is coming
The wind is taking away all the beautiful sins
Creations of nature along with the stars that shine.

marți, 21 octombrie 2014


A iesit din cutia prafuita
Si se plimba iar prin minte
Prin fiecare neuron si fir de par
Prin fiecare celula si fiecare por.
Atunci a fost pura nebunie
Dorinta arzatoare, pasiune
A luat foc, s-a facut scrum
Dar acum nu mai are forma
E ceva combinat cu dor
Si carbuni ce ard mocnit
Ce asteapta sa ii sufli incet
Sa ii aprinzi, sa arda lin
Si sa nu se stinga in veci.
Lasitatea a dat glas fricii
In vremurile de mult apuse
Dar frica isi face iar loc
In haosul frumos al mintii
Ce nu stie ea este ca acum
Nu mai poate avea glas
Caci nimeni nu o mai asculta.
Iar carbunii ard mocnit
Sperand sa fie si ei foc
Dar nu cel care mistuie
Ci unul cald si bland
Ce ne va invalui, topi
Si din doi va face unul.

sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2014


The unknown is harsh and cold
But at least at first it's friendly
Smiles widely and enchants you
With life stories that include
Talks about the weather and
Of the sun that's missed
By everybody, despite
The heat that lacks from
Their icy hearts and souls.

It makes you dream of
Nice places in the world
You would seem them all
But the time has not come
Yet, you have to contemplate
Now, absorb the life, the mood
The feelings the streets give
The people you interact
With great smiles and laughs.

It makes you happy but
As you prepare to leave
To the castle of the inner
Self, mind and voice
You get a hit by fate
By the harsh words
That start floating in
The sadness, but you're happy
Because you don't really care

joi, 16 octombrie 2014


We ask for all and still for nothing
We are offered all and we say no
We have twisted minds and souls
That search for the perfect straw
Hidden in a haystack full of thorns
We search, we hope and we hurt
We bleed while trying to find it.
We all want the same thing
But yet it's so different
It's chemical, it's magic
It has no explanation
Nobody knows when or how
It just happens and it covers us
With the sweetest scent of joy
Of desire and fulfillment.
But only heaven knows
About this treasure
We can just look up
And watch the stars
The darkest skies
The bright moon that shines
And lights our way back
To our empty homes
To our empty souls
Into the unknown.

joi, 2 octombrie 2014


It’s one passed midnight
And the humans are resting
It’s time for the thought’s light
To be done with the nesting.

It kept quiet throughout the day
And let the humans ignoring
The fact that they will obey
And crave the most tantalizing.

It’s all dark and foggy outside
Painted with colours of houses
With windows and no curtains
But with lights that are nesting.

Some break free and fly to the stars
While others go directly to Mars
They lie in fields of flowers or sand
Some just want to hold a hand.