miercuri, 8 martie 2017

La maison du papillon

Mais c'est quoi?

C'est un papillon
Volant dans le bois
Malgré le tourbillon
Du monde et du soi.

Aimant le doux soleil
Qui chaufe les soies
Il rencontre les abeilles
Cherchant les nymphéas.

Lui, il vole vers la rose
Pour prendre sa dose
De gaieté et de vie
Car elle
L' irréelle
En floraison
Est la maison du papillon.

luni, 20 februarie 2017

Undone rain

Late into the night the sky was giving
Pearls of water to the world called rain
While everyone was busy living
The lives they though they reign.

The pearls were dripping from the leaves
The last soldiers left on the branches
Since last autumn the planet breathes
And we with her enjoying brunches.

The cold is now mild but the wind brisk
The air is cool and smells like spring
The lovely flowers are taking a risk
And venture themselves for a fling
With the warmth of the one called Sun
Left in the past like all things, undone.

duminică, 29 ianuarie 2017

The apple

It turned to ashes in the night
The thought the lady had
The one of what might
Happen to crave so bad.

She was designed to want
Like Eve wanting the apple
It's the genetic's code wand
That makes it all a scrapple.

The forbidden is desired
While the real is denied
The future is all patterned
And the past is all scattered.