vineri, 14 noiembrie 2014

Zero plus one plus two

What a strange family we are
We love each other but still
We have different minds
We get along together well
We might have other skies
We all have the same star
Called family that bonds
The souls for life, even if
The stars will not be seen
At the same time, the now
That we treasure so much
The fresh air or warm sun
Or the clouds or the wind
The falling orange leaves
That this autumn brings
He, one hour in the past
Ground zero of the time
Me, the lovely present
Enchantment of nature
Her, in the future one
The most loved there
Ever was, our life and
Dreams of human kind


Se spune ca acasa
Este acolo unde
Este sufletul tau
Iubirea cea mare
Cea frumoasa, pura
Dar unde e acasa
Atunci cand nu e
Cand nu e iubire
Cand nu e cald
Cand nu e bine
Cand nu razi
Cand nu traiesti
Fiecare clipa ca
Si cum ar fi ultima
Cand nu zambesti
Cand nu ai cui
Sa ii spui vorbe
Dulci si cele doua
Cuvinte dragi oricui
Acasa este acolo
Unde esti doar tu
Doar sufletul tau
Cel cald si invizibil
Frant si intangibil
Cel pe care il atinge
Doar viciile dragi
Ce te mentin
Pe linia de plutire
Licori dulci si bune
Ce iti sunt stapane
Ale mintii trupesti
Combinate cu vapori
Ce te impiedica
Sa nu mori.

marți, 11 noiembrie 2014

Le vin

E toamna tarzie
Si vinul e dulce
Soarele mangaie
In timp ce frigul
Intra in oase
Pana in sange
Acolo e si el
Dragul de el
Alcoolul dulce
Ce indata frange
Orice tristete sau
Gand necurat
Cu al sau har
De Dumnezeu dat.
L-a lasat pe pamnat
Sa incante si sa
Ascunda orice pacat
Sa il puna in cutie
Sa il umple de praf
In timp ce lasa
Sa iasa din minte
Orice dorinta si
Fantezie aprinsa.
E dulce si bun
In a sa casa mare
Tara hexagonala
Cu multe castele
Ce zici ca sunt stele
Ireal de frumoase
Cu detalii marunte
Cu luciri aparte
De suflete carunte

sâmbătă, 1 noiembrie 2014

The trees

What if the stones were blue
And the streets we walk on red
The leaves all purple and green
And the trees would be mean
They would want to hurt us
To tear was apart,in shreds
Like we did to them back then
When we wrote our stories
On theirs,on their life and tears
While we would have forgotten
To enjoy all the colours and
The treasures life has to offer
It would be nice and we would
Be awake and see the wonders
Of the nature and the beauty
Of the cruel and lovely sins
That enchant us and make us
Crave for more, for the most
Tantalizing and purest thing.