duminică, 21 septembrie 2014

Free ones

Freedom of the word and spirit
Singing towers with loud delights
Little hearts on broken money
And lovely paintings on the wall.

The streets are wide and gloomy
With three layers of walking
Us the humans, the ones on feet
The ones that made all this be true.

Then Zero’s made of wheels
Then double it to four and speed
The ones that move so smooth
Like floating boats on clear blue water.

Lights on the floor not in the sky
The ones covered by white clouds
It is surreal, it’s upside down
Two number ones and zero.

The perfect code for all of us
The one that makes us happy
With all the cravings in the mind.
The numbers fall in line making it real

We grow, we buy, we feed the sheep
And then buy timber and build houses
We upgrade and move to other places
We start from one, and move to 2.

Then our houses are in line
We thought the same, yet so different
Four minds downgraded to three
Doubles if you count to four.

The ones that walked so much
To see all the wonders of the night
Filled with joy by the colours of the day
That flew like swans on the wide sky.

The sweet pink muffins and the coffee
The smell of beans freshly ground
A croissant in hand, fleeing so far
In space and time but still here.

The future will turn in a new place
And will reveal wonders and ones
And of course zeros, the ones that are
That come, that make us be stars.

joi, 18 septembrie 2014

Cuvinte furate

Cuvintele isi cauta locul printre note
Printre meduze si lebede albe
Printre norii diformi si colorati
Si soarele perfect de rosiatic.
Dispare in marea fara flote
Isi ineaca amarul in zare
Si va roaga sa il iertati
Ca fura lumina si ca e apatic
Va veni si maine sa incante
Sa apuna peste mare
Si sa coloreze norii
Sa va ia cuvintele
Sa le imprastie in cer.

luni, 1 septembrie 2014

Apus de luna

Mi-am golit mintea in lumini
In mii de pete de culoare
In orasul de dupa mare
In cartea ce o tineam in maini.
Luna apunea in zare
Si era nespus de mare
Stelele isi luau la revedere
Ramanand a cerului avere.