duminică, 31 iulie 2016

Porcelain doll

She once lived in a box
A big red shiny one
Made of cardboard
And lots of plastic
It even had a small
Drawing of a fox.
She sat all day long
Standing on a shelf
Overlooking over
The little cars section
Talking all day long
Of miles and theft.
Until one day when
A movement came
She went from side
To side in tremor
Not knowing what
Will ever happen to
Her porcelain skin.
The movement stopped
And a face appeared
It was a little girl
Blonde with curly hair
She smiled and waved
Calling her Ana
My Russian lovely doll.
Ana now sat in a bed
Filled with pillows
Softer than her skin
She had a purple dress
And bracelets, earrings
And a crown of shells
She was the queen
Of all the seas
Her girl was swimming
In her sweetest dreams.